Got Guilt?

I do. I think as working moms most of us can say at one time or another we have felt guilty about leaving our little ones while we work. Some of us have more demanding careers while others have the “kick-back” job. Either way, time at work is time away from home.

I had a co-worker tell me she left her three little ones while they were sleeping this morning in order to get to work by 7:30 am. With a big sigh, she noted how tough it is to leave them each day. So what is a working mom to do? Put it in perspective.

1) Acknowledge It

Guilt is there and we know it but we don’t need to let it get us down. Some days are harder than others when it comes time to drop off the kids or leave them with the nanny. But, we are working moms contributing to our families! And, our careers.

2) Turn That Guilt Around

Yes, my babies are in daycare. BUT, my son loves his preschool and happily runs into the school each day (which is a statement in and of itself). My baby is in good hands with her caregiver. I communicate with her caregiver throughout the day and have open dialogue with her. Good care is hard to come by but extremely critical to give us moms piece of mind!

Think about the positive aspects of working and what your little ones are gaining from you being at work.

3) Talk About It

Chat with fellow working moms at work, friends who work outside of your office or your partner. Talking about it always makes me feel better and you might get some good tips from a fellow working mom.

I use these steps to help get my guilt in check. Stepping back from an issue to gain some perspective helps me every time.

Remember: It’s all in the attitude!

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