The Meltdown

The day started out pretty normal. It was a Sunday and my hubby made us breakfast. He likes to make sausage and eggs for all of us on the weekend. We love it, too. As we eased into the afternoon, nap time was the same as usual with no surprises. Later in the day, my hubby and son set-up our 5 person tent in the backyard. It was a pretty big task. Dogs were running around crazy and my little guy was running around just as hard. It was a fun day!

And then, evening came…

We noticed an increase of whining and talking back as the night progressed. He is a 3 year-old so that comes with the territory. It was a little more than usual.

Just as I thought we were going to ease into bedtime, the sock puppets reared their ugly heads. Yes, sock puppets. Socks on the hands become magical little entertainers for any toddler. The combination for our overly tired toddler and uncooperative sock puppets was a recipe for a meltdown disaster. He struggled to get them on his hands. When we tried to help, he snarled, “I can do it myself!” Even with his determination he was not mastering those uncooperative sock puppets. It was very traumatizing that his little puppet friends were not playing fairly.

Feel the situation starting to unravel? He went from 0 to 60 in a matter of minutes. There it was… full blown meltdown status! Crying, sobbing and snotting all around.


Being in uncharted toddler territory, it was time to pull the plug on this fiasco! It was like a bad hospital drama with the characters yelling, “Lights out stat!” You guessed it. Bedtime! Right when we were on the brink with this sock puppet nightmare, it happened. He flopped on the bed with his sad little sock puppet hands and cried a few more weeps before drifting away into dreamland. Ahhhh, he melted all the way down to sleep.

With some luck on our side, the meltdown worked itself out this time. We survived it but fate will bring us another I’m willing to bet. Until next time Mr. Meltdown. I know we will meet again….

One thought on “The Meltdown

  1. You cracked me up in this! I sooooo hear you, and have absolutely been there! Toddler-hood is a bit sccary, but you'll make it, I swear! Decorate your straight jacket. You won't mind wearing it as much if it's all cute and glittery.


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