Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me That?

Things I wish I knew before I became a mom

10. Sleep deprivation will take you to the brink of despair a few times over.

9. The epidural doesn’t always work!

8. Nothing can prepare you for projectile poop.

7. You will always get unsolicited advice about parenthood and being a working mom.

6. If you are a parent, you are EXHAUSTED!

5. You will look at the entire world differently and also see it through your child’s eyes.

4. You will cry over the good, the bad and the ugly!

3. Guilt will be with you. ALWAYS.

2. You will snarl back at the old lady who snarls at you when your kid cries in the grocery store. Mom the Protector!

And the BEST for last…..

You will be in ever-lasting love with your babies. My list along with all the other things that come with being a parent make this journey completely worth it.


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