The Board Meeting

I was informed I had to present a major project to my company’s Board of Directors. I know that sounds like an enormous undertaking but I don’t work for a large company so I was a little nervous but not off the charts scared. My manager and I had two weeks to prepare for the meeting.

The team I am on was responsible for a total rebrand of our company. For us, rebranding meant an overhaul of the corporate look/feel, corporate color palette, logo, collateral suite and web site. Not a little task. We were at the point of unveiling our masterpiece. If the board meeting went well, then I would have the opportunity to present the same material to the entire company one week later. No pressure, right?

Preparations were underway. I worked on my presentation day and night for the two weeks leading up to the big meeting. A couple days prior, we completed some practice runs and I was ready. I could give the presentation in my sleep. Then, it happened…
My little guy came down with a cold and a 102 degree temperature. The night before the presentation I was in a state of panic. How was I going to leave my sick little one? How was I going to focus on the presentation? It felt like all my preparation for the meeting flew out the window. With some help from my hubby and a much needed “put it in perspective moment,” we set-up our game plan for the next day.

We both contacted our managers and split up the day. I’m sure neither one was thrilled with our half days but we both had major projects we were juggling and our little guy was priority. I stayed home in the morning and then my hubby took over so I could make my 1:00 pm meeting. I made it to work with enough time to prepare a bit more with my manager. The meeting started and I was up. I nailed the presentation dead on if I do say so myself! It was a win for me and a win for our team. And like clockwork, my little guy’s cold passed about a day or so later.

It’s not always easy to balance between home and the office. I’ve had other juggling acts that didn’t end so nicely. I get stressed a lot when I attempt to handle it all but when I slow down to think through a game plan, there’s usually some way to work it out.

When it feels like there’s no easy answer, I recall the saying, “This too shall pass.” Funny thing is that it usually does.

4 thoughts on “The Board Meeting

  1. Thank you so much for the comment! I couldn't agree more! We have had our share of days like that when it comes to staying home to care for our little ones. I know other moms and dads have to make those decisions every day. It's not easy and sometimes businesses will let people go because of it… but we all have to do what we have to do! Congratualtions to you for finishing nursing school! Saw your pic…ya!! And, following you! Have a great day 🙂


  2. Hi, Steph. I just saw your guest post on Cake-at-Home Mom and decided to stop by for a visit. I get disgusted sometimes that we say we are a country that values family, but businesses often want us to put them before our own families' needs. Good for you and your husband working it out to be with your sick little one. I've been home with my kids for the past 12 years, but just finished nursing school and will soon be returning to the realm of working mothers. Enjoyed your guest post and also left you a comment on unexpected surprise post. Very nice blog, BTW! -EW


  3. I can so relate. My older son got sick quite a bit when he was 3 months-1 year. I felt like we were always juggling who was going to stay home, and who was going to work. With my husband traveling a lot, it ended up being me at home, and I am sure my boss was not thrilled. But what exactly can you do? Well we all survived. Maybe some battle scars 😉


  4. Yep, battle scars over here too! I guess we all get through it somehow… it helps if you are lucky enough to have supportive management at work. If you don't, there's always a point when it's time to search for a family friendly environment. I know that is easier said than done too but can be worth it in the end.


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