Manic Monday

What is it about a Monday? You can have everything prepared by Sunday night, but for some reason, the Monday morning drill of chaos rears its ugly head. This morning made me think of that song “Manic Monday” by the Bangles. I know I’m showing my age with the mention of that 80s hit. Either way, this morning ended with a list of mishaps for this working mom.

I squeezed in a work-out before the crack of dawn. I was up at 4:00 am with my little boo (a.k.a. the little teether). My hubby helped with the baby so I could get the work-out done and start lunches. Before long it was 6:45 am and everyone was still asleep. Now we were running late!


I kicked it into gear and got the kiddies dressed. I got breakfast for my little guy. I was running around trying to get everything and everyone ready for the day. Hubby was done getting dressed and we were about to head out the door when I realized we had a stinky pants situation.

Isn’t that always the case when you are ready to leave the house? This mess couldn’t wait. So back in the house we go. Once little boo was cleaned up, we headed back out the door. Little guy and hubby in the truck. Little boo and mommy in the car. Off we went…

My “Manic Monday” was not over yet. I pulled up to little boo’s daycare and felt panic move over me. I was still in my slippers! I frantically looked around the car and found my shoes on the floor under the front seat. Whew! Dropped off little boo and headed out for my commute.

I looked down at the gas gauge and saw that I was on 1/8 of a tank. Great. With my commute, I would never make it on that amount of gas. So I gassed up and had 15 minutes to get through my 30 minute commute. Yep, I was going to be late (again).

I was driving along and thought it was a good time to put on lip gloss. I realized I hadn’t brushed my teeth. Gross! Now I was focused on getting to work as fast as possible so I could make a B-line to the bathroom and brush my pearly whites. Still gross, I know.

I was cruising along and then traffic came to a dead stop. Lane closure. Really, how could all of this happen in the same morning? I thought you might wonder that! I actually thought the same thing to myself and then I started laughing out loud. The poop, the slippers, the gas, the teeth and now traffic! Did I mention I had an 8:30am meeting to attend as well?

Traffic started rolling and I made it to work finally. I was late but with 5 minutes to spare before my meeting. I brushed my teeth right before it started. Lucky for my co-workers!

My silver lining was that I remembered to grab the yummy lunch I made for today. On a morning like this one, it was entirely possible the lunch would have been sitting in the fridge at home… I was very pleased that it wasn’t!



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