It’s An “S” Day

It’s always a good feeling when your kiddies are happy with their daycare/school. Our little guy is in a pre-school that provides after school care. All in all it’s a daycare and he loves it. He runs off ready to play each morning. My hubby and I started to notice that even when it’s the weekend, he wants to go to school.

Am I a little saddened by the fact he prefers to be in school? Hmm. Ok a little but for the most part, it gives this working mom piece of mind that he is learning, playing and interacting with toddlers and pre-school kids in an environment that supports his positive growth.

Saturday rolled around and my little guy slept in a bit. When he came into our bedroom, he asked to go to school. He thought it was a school day.
I told him, “Today is not a school day buddy.”

He asked, “Why?”

“Because it’s an “S” day,” I said.

“Mama, what’s an “S” day?”

“Well, today is Saturday. Saturday and Sunday are not school days. We can call them “S” days.”

We recited the days of the week (which he is learning at school by the way!) and repeated that the “S” days were not school days.

He was a little bummed that he wasn’t going to school but the fact that we had to make cupcakes for a BBQ we were going to the next day made up for it!

Then Sunday came… Our little guy ran into our bedroom ready to go to school. I said, “Remember, it’s Sunday and that is still an “S” day so we aren’t going to school.” The look of total disappointment came over him. I finished by telling him that it was the day we were going to the BBQ at the park.

When we told him it was the park with the train, the idea of school seemed to fade and fast.

Monday arrived… When it was time to wake up our little guy this morning and I told him it was a school day, it didn’t take much to get him out of bed. We ran through the usual Monday morning drill and my hubby took him to school. When my hubby called me later that morning, he told me that our little guy ran into school with a quick good-bye for daddy. To our little guy, it was finally a school day and he was excited!

The week is just beginning but it helps me focus at work (with some ease) knowing that our little guy is thriving at the school he loves. I have to admit though, I wish it was an “S” day!


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