Back To The Grind

The saying must be true, “All good things come to an end.” I had a week of vacation from work while my sister and her family visited from the east coast. I finished off the weekend with a family trip out of town with some good friends.

As I prepared to get back to the Monday routine, I had a few pangs of the Sunday night blues. It’s nice to have a week away from the office and the daily grind once in a while. We all deserve it! But getting back into the routine is always tough.

Instead of thinking about my Monday 4:45 am wake up call, I decided to look through the pictures that were taken over the last week. I happily reviewed all 376 of them. The pictures tell the story of my week filled with lots of family fun, some craziness and a few well-deserved time-outs.Sure it will be hard to get back to a week’s worth of emails and catch up on the projects I left behind but the hundreds of pictures and memories shared make the time away worth the time it will take to catch up.

To my Monday morning that will arrive too soon, I am ready to take the chaos as it comes. One thing is certain, I can’t stop those hands of time but I can choose how I spend my time thinking about them.

3 thoughts on “Back To The Grind

  1. 4:45 wake-up? Wow! You are a trooper Steph! Fall is a bit of a wake-up call after a dreamy summer, but thank goodness for pictures to help keep the happy memories alive! Hope today is going well for you… Kristin @ mango calla lily


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