The Interview Series First Edition!

Whether we are in a corporate job, part-time job or a stay at home mom, we all work hard to provide for our families. Inevitably, guilt creeps up on us in one way or another.  Amanda is a working mom and also a part-time college student. Her blog is Confessions of a Wannabe Supermom and she shared her tips about managing working mom guilt. Enjoy the interview!

Thank you for joining us Amanda! Tell us your thoughts on working mom guilt.
I think one big reason I feel “working mom guilt” is because sometimes I feel like I’m stretched so thin. Some days, it feels like someone needs me for something every minute of the day, and I feel like I need several of me to get it all done. I think another reason I feel guilt is because the pressure to be perfect doesn’t end after adolescence!

I sometimes feel like everyone expects me to be the perfect wife, mom, employee, student and homemaker. I feel like I should be Supermom, and I’m not.

Do you think most working moms feel guilt?
Yes! I work at a women’s gym, so I talk to moms every day. I think working mom guilt is pretty much universal.

Do you talk about it with other working moms in your office?
Yes. In fact, my former boss gave me the best advice I’ve ever heard when it comes to being a working mom – “Motherhood is 90% guilt. No matter what you do as a mom, you’re going to feel guilty.” That advice has helped me with overcoming working mom guilt.

What are some of the ways you overcome or minimize your guilt?
I remind myself that I am doing the best I can do in our situation. This is the way our life is, and it works for us. I have really been taking Philippians 4:11 to heart – “Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.”

How do you manage your guilt at home and the workplace?
I have a pretty flexible schedule, so I can usually take time off for my kids’ big events. Just being able to be there for important events helps. I also make sure to take time every day to really talk with my kids and just enjoy being around them. Bedtime is one of my favorite times of the day because I get to spend time just cuddling and talking with them.

Do you feel that you are not giving 100% at home or at the office?
I try to compartmentalize as much as I can. When I’m at work, I try to be 100% focused on work; and when I’m at home, I try to be 100% at home. It doesn’t always happen that way, but I try, and it helps a lot. There are definitely times, though, when I feel like I’m not at 100%, especially when my college work load catches up to me.

What is the best part about being a working mom?
The best part about being a working mom is feeling of satisfaction I get from my job. It’s very rewarding knowing that every day I get to be a cheerleader, counselor and coach as I help women become healthier.


About Amanda

Amanda is a pastor’s wife (but definitely not your typical pastor’s wife!) and working mom of two boys.  She is also going back to college for a degree in dental hygiene.  Her life is crazy sometimes, but she is truly blessed, and loves it!

The two most important things in her life are faith and family which she writes about on my blog.  She also loves sharing recipes, great finds and tips she has found that help make life easier.

2 thoughts on “The Interview Series First Edition!

  1. i love amanda!! she's my partner in crime for our working mommy wednesday stuff!!! great tips about mommy guilt!! (still working on my questions.)


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