The Imperfect Blog

… and the imperfect blogger!

I started blogging just three months ago. I wanted to journal about my life as a working mom with two little ones, a hubby, animals and the roller coaster that comes along with it all. My thought was one day I’d compile everything into a book I would give to my kiddies. Obviously, it’s evolved!

I added pages, gadgets, widgets and html codes. I even have followers which is pretty cool. I am excited when each person joins. I have met wonderful people out there in the bloggity world! I even crack up when I use words such as: gadgets, widgets, html and bloggity. It’s crazy really.

I like to write about the juggling act of being a mom and the positive outlook I “try” to maintain. I take my time writing each post because I want people to read quality writings and not just a post for the sake of posting.

Now that we are all square on my hopes and dreams for the blog, here’s the reality. With all of this effort, I noticed that quite often I post and then find mistakes. I assure you that I edit endlessly but I still don’t catch it all. I am not perfect and I prefer to keep it that way!

In addition to the positive stuff, here’s a list of the great things I promise to provide:

I will post with a type-o or three or four. It just happens.

I will use the wrong form of a word on occasion. For example: I went over their. Oops, I meant “there.”

I will drop a cliché once in a while.

I will use “effect” when I should use “affect.” That is a tricky one!

I will post a statement that makes no sense at times.

I will have a random word in a post because I forgot to delete it when I edited the post during the 4th or 5th revision (note my sarcasm).

I will be wordy more than not.

I will use an exclamation point in almost every post (or use a bunch if I’m really excited).

I will spell something wrong unless I remember to use spell check.

I will misuse a verb for an adjective or vice versus if that is possible.

I will use too many commas.

I will mix up “whom” and “who.”

Last and certainly not least, I will end each post on a positive note.

Similar to most revelations in my life, I tend to acknowledge, learn and move on. So there it is. You can count on me to hold up my end of the bargain!

Thanks for following, commenting and enjoying the ride with this working mom. I am glad you are here.

8 thoughts on “The Imperfect Blog

  1. Oh, I am raising my hand!!! I am not perfect and I want to admit it BEFORE everyone starts pointing fingers. And I encourage all blogging women to lighten up, don't be so hard on yourself. We're not in middle school for goodness sakes! We 'should' all be confident in who we are that our flaws should matter to us. But you know what? They still do, doggone it!Bernice


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