The Auntie They Will Never Know

I went into the blue box today. It’s the same box that has sat in my closet for a few years now and it’s the same blue box I purposely avoid on a day-to-day basis. I wanted to read something that was in it. I wrote it for my babies auntie who died on this day (October 4th) just three short years ago.

Today is the day my family honors my sister’s memory, their Auntie Stacy. It’s a time when we hear from old friends and reconnect with family. It’s a different year for me because my family has grown with the addition of my little boo who was born in January. Today makes my heart break even more when I think about how my babies have an auntie they will never know.

My little guy was born 11 months prior to my sister’s passing. In a matter of less than a year, I experienced the most beautiful, wonderful moment in my life along with the most devastating. I plan to tell my little guy how his auntie was in the room the moment he was born. I will tell my little boo, who was born just over 2 years after her passing, that her auntie is with her and her big brother in spirit every day.

They will only know their auntie from pictures and stories my hubby and I share with them. But they will know they have an auntie named Stacy and she was a beautiful, vivacious being with a whole lot of moxie.

Their auntie is one of the reasons that Be Positive Mom exists today. Her attitude and outlook on life was inspiring to all who knew her. She taught me how to roll with the punches and to always take a deep breath even if it’s deeper than the one I took the moment before. She left us too soon. If you paid attention to the lessons being taught in the midst of her journey, you caught a lifetime of learning. Life lessons are only lessons if someone is willing to learn after all…

Before I put that blue box back on the closet shelf for another year, I want to share a piece of what I read to the hundreds of people who were there the night we said goodbye.

“…She made people laugh. She was the life of the party. She cried with her friends and family when they needed a shoulder to cry on. She listened. She helped people all that she could. She traveled. She loved. She partied and played. She stood up for what she believed in. Stacy was an amazingly beautiful women, my sister and my best friend… she will always be forever.”

While they may not know her in person, my babies will know their auntie is watching over them, smiling down on them and protecting them from a beautiful place far, far away.

Stacy in Boston
Stacy in Boston, 2003.



6 thoughts on “The Auntie They Will Never Know

  1. So sad, sorry for your loss. I am glad I found your positive blog, due to your sister. I had an aunt, like your sister. Positive…kim


  2. I am making this same journey with one of my dear friends and her husband that is fighter and has a positive passionate will to live. Thanks for sharing it gives me strength to pass on to her and him.


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