Top Ten Ways…

To Think Outside of the Diaper Box!

1. Sing a cartoon theme song as loud as you can with your kids. I suggest Sponge Bob Square Pants.

2. Use vapor or lavender bath gel for the kids bath to relax you at the same time. It’s possible, try it!

3. Do 10 jumping jacks in the kitchen while you are making dinner. You’ll laugh and get the heart rate up… both good things for you!

4. Try lifting hand weights. Have your toddler pick out two favorite, light weight toys to join you. He or she will have fun exercising with mom and you will kick the stress, too!

5. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and hold for 3 seconds. Exhale and repeat…

6. Rub your feet! Or have your toddler rub your feet… it can be a fun game and you’ll get a foot rub out of it.

7. Laugh! If you drop a plate of food during dinner, just laugh. Then, make clean-up a game with the little ones, if broken glass is not involved, of course.

8. Take a bathroom break…. take a few minutes, grab a magazine and go (to get a little quiet time and decompress that is)!

9. Dance! Lots of kiddie cartoons include dancing. Join the kids and dance. They will love to see mommy dancing and it will make you all giggle together…guaranteed.

10. Have extra time? Call a friend and get out. You will be glad you did it!

Laughter is the best medicine!
If you feel stressed, find a way to laugh with the little ones.
They will benefit from it, too.

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Ways…

  1. Love it, especially #1 (We were singing "I Love My Lips" from Veggie Tales earlier today) and #8, although my kids and my hubby have caught on to that one. They've started referring to the bathroom as my hideout! lol


  2. i always find that when something goes wrong, it's a whole lot better if i laugh it off. otherwise, i'm in a bad mood all stinkin' day. my kids LOVE exercising with me too!! grab a kid and do some pushups!! awesome!


  3. This definitely made me smile 🙂 Great list! I wish I would have remembered to laugh about burning the rice last night while making dinner… oh well next time I'll remember to laugh it off! 🙂


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