How You Know You Are A Supermom

Have you ever wondered what makes a supermom super?

If you are a mom & fulfill ANY of the criteria below … YOU are a supermom!

Let’s just say we are supermoms no matter what, right!?

You have one or more little ones ~ YES! Little guy & little boo

You work full time ~ Sure do!

You are the entertainment & party planner ~ That would be me.

You are the meal planner, grocery shopper & chef ~ Yes, yes and yes! But, the term “chef” I would use loosely.

You are the family attorney & judge ~ Sounds so official but I have counsel from my hubby.

You are the nurse & psychologist ~ Yes to both of those!

You are the taxi driver ~ Yes and that duty will increase as time goes on…

You are the teacher ~ Just did pre-K homework last night so yes!

You are the homework checker ~ Not sure what that is but I can only assume it’s a yes.

You are the housekeeper ~ For sure. Housekeeper, clothes washer and toilet cleaner (ew!) But, hubby washes his own clothes… lucky me!

You are the landscaper ~ Does picking up after the dogs count?

You are the vet & pet groomer ~ Definitely and 4 animals to boot!

Now I can add “Supermom” to the list! I feel more frazzled than super but that is because I’m doing all the stuff above and then some. I have to give kudos to my hubby, too. He does a lot from the list above. And he does an awesome job I might add…

Want to know what makes it all worthwhile?
Their smiling, beautiful faces and how much fun we have together as a family. It also doesn’t hurt that my little guy is starting to help with all the “to-dos” and is getting a lot done these days!

8 thoughts on “How You Know You Are A Supermom

  1. Well..I guess I don't qualify to be a super mom because I only have one child. lol All the super moms deserves a trophy. You ladies are amazing!


  2. You ARE a Super Mom Tisha! That question stuck out at me too… so I changed it since my original post 🙂 Think we are all doing our best whether if it's with one or more kiddies!


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