You Know You are Stressed When…

* You feel the start of a headache at the back of your head as if your brain is sending out a warning. “Red alert, red alert! Your brain will commence throbbing in 5.5 seconds if you don’t slow down!”

* You look at your work project list and think that one more task will put you over the top. Then, in comes the boss…

* You are beyond exhausted but think of the 1,001 things you need to do until 3 o’clock in the morning. You can’t turn it off even when you lay down to go to sleep.

* You wonder how other working moms are doing it and if they feel overwhelmed like you do.

* You wonder if it’s possible to do it all and then soon realize you can’t… hence the overdrive feeling you constantly have.

* Your hubby points out in the cutest way possible that the stress line on your forehead is bulging and then tells you to slow down. Thanks honey, point well taken!

And I know I am getting back to my center when…

* I take a deep breath to slow down. Inhale for a 3 second count, exhale for 5 seconds. Repeat!

* I walk away from my desk at work to regain my thoughts. Then I can refocus on how to best prioritize what needs to get done.

* I throw out the home chores and play on the floor with the kiddies.

* I remind myself I can’t get it all done even though I’d be nice to have 5 extra hours in the day.

* I talk with someone about it… call a friend, talk with a co-worker or chat with my hubby. Don’t keep it bottled up.

* I make some chocolate chip cookies with my little guy and eat as many as I want!


9 thoughts on “You Know You are Stressed When…

  1. I often ask myself how other moms manage…it always helps me to talk to other moms, too. Thankfully, a lot of women at my job worked and went to college when their kids were small, so they know what I'm dealing with, and they are so encouraging.


  2. i'm always thinking of a million things to do but i never find time to do them. you and i are not alone. tons of moms, even non working moms, are stressed to the max. always find a way back to center though.


  3. I can totally relate with not being able to turn it off when I lay down to go to sleep. And the best reliever is playing with my son. His smile and laughter cure everything.


  4. It is VERY refreshing to know that I am not the only one that feels like this…as a fairly new one that has only been back at work for two and a half months I feel like I am going to explode! AND everyday there is something new that we need to be doing..ahhhhhh…drives me crazy…Great tips on getting back to your center as well..Oh and I love the saying desserts spelled backwards is stressed I didn't know that!!


  5. You know what…even if we had those extra 5 hours a day, we'd find a way to fill them up and still be stressed. I think your tactics are right on point…chocolate chip cookies, forgetting about chores for a night (they'll wait on us, right?), and just checking out mentally for a few seconds. Great post!


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