Where Would You Draw The Line When Seeking Employment?

What will people do to land the next job? We all have our boundaries we draw but we also have our portfolios that can easily diminish following a job loss. Americans are going to extremes to land the next job. Would you have plastic surgery to improve your chances for a job?

The question was explored by a recent Good Morning America broadcast. The story revolved primarily around an unemployed female who had a face-lift to feel better about herself and potentially land her next job. To her, the procedure resulted in a boost of confidence and self-esteem. She also believed it would better her chances during job interviews. Younger, faster, better, right?

While I can respect the decision to go under the knife or needle is an individual’s choice, it made me realize how our superficial society is driving good workers to extreme measures just to stand out as younger employees. I have great empathy for the job seekers out there and am very grateful to be employed.

I’d like to share some key messages from GMA’s correspondent, Tory Johnson, who is a big proponent of confidence builders that can be done without a plastic surgery procedure. Things that can be done every day and by anyone.
* Be your own cheerleader!

* Get a lot of sleep, especially before an interview. Don’t forget to exercise!

* Create a routine even when you are unemployed. Get up and get dressed every day.

* Refresh the interview attire… something new will make you feel good!

* Consider a haircut and/or color. Pink hair may not be the best option though…

* Use alternate methods to boost your attitude- sing, dance, laugh or spend time outdoors

* Spend time with family and if you need a break from them, take it!


As I write this post, I can tell you I would not opt for plastic surgery (no needles please!). I will admit it is tough for me to imagine taking such measures in the hope to land the next job. Again, it’s the individual’s choice.

So instead of thinking about that, I will offer you the things I try to remember when self-esteem or confidence issues creep up inside my consciousness.

* My imperfections are the gems that make me! Quirky, cute, not-so-cute, physical or otherwise.

* I surround myself with people who make me smile and feel happy to be spending time with them. Happiness is contagious!

* I take in those moments that make me sad, mad or frustrated, learn from them and put them back out into the world with a positive vibe.

* While I am not walking in the shoes of a job seeker, I think about how our short-term view sometimes skew the long-term outcomes.

* Once in a while a chapter that is tough to get through in your “life” book will feel like it is never going to end, but the reality is that it won’t last forever. Who knows… the next chapter may be the best one to come!


Plastic surgery is not on the horizon anytime soon for this working mom. What is solidly on the horizon is some quality time with my kiddies, a new “positive” post on my site and a “thankful” holiday season.

Would you have plastic surgery done to compete for a job?

9 thoughts on “Where Would You Draw The Line When Seeking Employment?

  1. I had the same questions as well. There's just no gaurantee that will help you land it. I know many people who have lost their jobs but no one that I personally know has gone to this length for employment.


  2. Thank you Project Author!! Wonderful! I'll head over to your site and check it out :-)Totally agree KT… so many other ways to build confidence than surgery or other drastic measures.


  3. I personally could not imagine going under the knife for a job. It seems very extreme to do that. I actually did not know people were doing that. What if I don't get the job…how am I going to pay for the surgery? Like you mentioned there are so many other confidence booster that aren't so extreme. I don't knock anyone who chooses to have plastic surgery but make sure its for the right reasons.


  4. What I think was interesting — the woman was really needing a boost in self-esteem, not specifically the surgery. So, she DIDN'T need the surgery for the job. She just needed some more confidence in herself. When we women can get confidence without being dependent on all this superficial stuff, then we'll all be better off.


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