Back At Work With A Turkey Hangover

Did you return to work this morning with a turkey hangover? Off to work and back to the grind with a turkey coma still in full force. At least it feels that way considering all of the food I ate over the last several days. Indulgence comes with a price I suppose but I will say it was worth every minute being with my family.

I recently read the average Thanksgiving dinner can be up to 2,500 calories. Yikes! Forget going back to my desk job only to sit in front of the computer all day. I need to get moving…

Below are some ways to incorporate calorie burning techniques even in a slow paced office or at a desk job.

1. Make the most of your commute
Walk or bike to work. If you ride the bus, get off a few blocks early and walk the rest of the way. If you drive to work, park at the far end of the parking lot. Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

2. Look for opportunities to stand
You’ll burn more calories standing than sitting. Stand while talking on the phone. Better yet, try a standing desk — or improvise with a high table or counter.
3. Take fitness breaks
Rather than hanging out in the lounge with coffee or a snack, take a brisk walk or do some gentle stretching. Pull your chin toward your chest until you feel a stretch along the back of your neck, or slowly bring your shoulders up toward your ears.
4. Trade your office chair for a fitness ball
A firmly inflated fitness or stability ball can make a good chair. You’ll improve your balance and tone your core muscles while sitting at your desk.
5. Keep fitness equipment in your work area
Store resistance bands — stretchy cords or tubes that offer weight-like resistance when you pull on them — or small hand weights in a desk drawer or cabinet. Do arm curls between meetings or tasks.
6. Get social
Organize a lunchtime walking group. You might be surrounded by people who are ready to lace up their walking shoes — and hold each other accountable for regular exercise. Enjoy the camaraderie, and offer encouragement to one another when the going gets tough.
7. Conduct meetings on the go
When it’s practical, schedule walking meetings or brainstorming sessions.
8. Pick up the pace
If your job involves walking, do it faster. Keep your chin up and your shoulders slightly back — and remember to breathe freely while you walk.
9. If you travel for work, plan ahead
If you’re stuck in an airport waiting for a plane, grab your bags and take a brisk walk. Choose a hotel that has fitness facilities — such as treadmills, weight machines or a pool — or bring your equipment with you.
10. Try a treadmill desk
If you’re ready to take office exercise to the next level, consider a more focused walk-and-work approach.
Time to get up, get moving and get social! I can feel my turkey hangover fading away already.

source: Office Exercises from

5 thoughts on “Back At Work With A Turkey Hangover

  1. Great tips! At times like this, my job as manager of a women's gym has huge perks! We're starting Zumba classes this week, so I'm ready for some major calorie burn.


  2. Turkey hangover! Good one! I love your pointers about burning calories in the work place. Not sure too many people will be that motivated, but at least you put it out there, good for you!


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