Your Sleep Deprivation Toolkit

If you are a mom with babies or children running around, the words “sleep deprivation” resonate with you. We all feel different levels of sleep deprivation depending on our physical and mental state, not to mention where our little ones are in the growth process.

Our little guy was a great sleeper. Piece of cake. Our little boo, who is about to turn into a big one-year-old this month, was not the best sleeper over the last year. If she didn’t sleep, I didn’t either. Being a working mom added to the lack of sleep and let’s face it, the sleep deprivation contributed to the grey circles under my eyes.

What is a working mom to do when she slept just 2 hours the night before an important meeting at work? Pull out her sleep deprivation toolkit!

Cold Water
A cool splash of water first thing in the morning dilates the vessels of your skin and shrinks pores. It will refresh your pretty face and that cold splash will wake you up right away, too.

Teething Rings
Keep a stash in the freezer (the larger sized flower shaped or flat teethers work best for this step). Pull one out, wrap with a light cloth or napkin and apply to your puffy eye. You can always use two, applying one to each eye so you save some time. Cool cucumber slices on your eyes can also do the trick to reduce puffiness.

Get The Red Out
Bloodshot eyes? If you are a fan of Visine or Clear Eyes, you can add a drop or two to each eye. Bright, white eyes give you an alert and awake look even when you are sleeping at your desk with your eyes open. Don’t forget to read the labels on these products to better understand the side effects before using.

A more natural approach to get the red out includes the cool cucumber slices on the eyes or soak a cloth in warm chamomile tea (wring out excess fluid) and place on your closed eyes. Let the warm feeling sooth your eyes for a few minutes and then repeat if needed. Don’t rub your eyes!

A few dabs of concealer under your eyes as part of your make-up regimen will also diminish the look of grey circles. It’s worth the time and money to visit your favorite make-up counter at the mall and get the expert opinion regarding a color match that suits your complexion. A concealer that is too light may add to the tired look you are trying to “conceal.”

Hydrate Your Body
It’s good for a cool splash on your face, now fill up your glass for a drink of water. Hydrate in the morning! Sometimes this step is hard to do early in the morning but a glass of water will help kick start your day from the inside. Add in a cup of coffee or tea and you’ll be ready to go in no time!

While the mornings are tough and the puffy eyes remain a constant on this working mom’s face, I can’t help but think that one day I will achieve the 8-hour night of sleep again. With my “toolkit” in hand and a splash of cool water on my face, I am ready for the corporate day that lies ahead.

How do you revive when you are sleep deprived?


8 thoughts on “Your Sleep Deprivation Toolkit

  1. Great tips – and ones that I'm going to need to keep in mind… We just found out we're pregnant with our third so will have 3 under the age of 4 later this year! Sleep deprivation will be the name of our game. :)Stopping by from the Bloggy Moms Directory.


  2. Glad you found the tips useful! Tanya, whew! 3 under the age of 4. Congrats and I hope you get some sleep at some point!Tami, thank you so very much for the award! I posted on my FB page a "thank you" as well!


  3. I love the cucumber idea and have long considered trying it, but I'm pretty sure my kids would grab them off my eyes and go running!You do have a lovely blog! One of my goals this year is to Be Positive!


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