10 Things I Believe…

1) In the Golden Rule and try to do unto others as… you know the rest (I hope)!

2) Things happen for a reason. If you allow yourself to learn it, there’s usually a valuable life lesson in the good and not so good stuff that happens along the way.

3) No matter how hard you try, your little ones will always hear the “bad” words come out and then go on to repeat them over and over.

4) Putting hard work into something isn’t always enough. You need planning, process and focus to round out the package of success, especially when you are a working mom!

5) Be Positive Mom® was a gift from my sister, Stacy, who passed away too young and too soon. That’s where #2 above comes into play for me.

6) In the old adage, “What goes around, comes around.” I’ve seen it happen…

7) When I am frantically looking for something I lost, I will find something else I was looking for earlier.

8) Having kids gives you the opportunity to live through a child’s perspective again. Simple, pure and curious.

9) Sometimes the best and biggest decisions to make for you and your family are often the hardest ones to consider.

10) Even in a world with social media and blogging, face-to-face interaction is the best way to get to really know someone. But, I do absolutely love this bloggy world I have found though.

What would your list include?

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Kim says:

    I believe in your list also! The Golden Rule, work hard, etc


    1. Stephanie says:

      Yes, you can’t go wrong with the Golden Rule!


  2. Angie says:

    I love #7. That always happens to me too! Great list!


  3. Unfortunately, #3 is so true! I also have #8 on my list. 🙂


    1. Stephanie says:

      I love it! A wonderful way to look at the world.


  4. What a great list. All of these are SO true. I think # 6, 7, and 8 jump out at me the most. I found something the other day while looking for something else. A special little pin was given to me by a friend when I got pregnant, and I thought I had lost it. I found it the other day, and it was right in front of the whole time, even through a move from Florida to Georgia. Amazing, isn’t it?


    1. Stephanie says:

      Finding something else I lost when I’m looking for the current thing I’ve lost… it’s always the case. It’s a good thing to at least find something though!


  5. Jen says:

    Wonderful post. And great things to think about!


    1. Stephanie says:

      Thanks Jen and Julia!


  6. julia says:

    great list girl!! i always find when i’m looking for something, i only find it AFTER i stop looking!!!


  7. Mamma Kerr says:

    Great list! I sooooo agree!! 🙂

    My BESTEST BFF is NOT on FB or Twitter but, as you say, you can’t beat face-to-face interaction!! Having said that, I too LOVE all my wonderful friends from the Bloggy World!! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!



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