Kick The Guilt Habit

Most working moms will tell you they have felt guilty at one time or another about managing their home as well as a career. Some moms navigate more demanding jobs while others may have a flexible work environment. Either way, time at work is time away from home.

Have you ever found yourself in an endless guilt whirlwind? For example, you are commuting along after dropping off your precious little one at daycare and you can’t help but think of all the things you are doing wrong as a working mom. The guilt habit is a tough one to break.

We often find ourselves in a cycle of negative thoughts and feelings about our careers and our choices made as working moms. Many times we are left frazzled and stressed. Guilt can bring a mom down mentally, physically and emotionally.

With a bit of deliberate thinking and a twist to that negative thought pattern, any working mom can embrace the positive aspects of being a career mom. Nurture yourself by kicking the guilt habit and gain some perspective with a few easy steps.

1) Acknowledge It
Guilt is there and we know it. The key is to squash the cycle of guilt by acknowledging what makes us feel guilty. Pull out a piece of paper and write down the things that make you feel guilt. Get it out by acknowledging it.

2) Turn That Guilt Around
Using your list, think about the positive aspects of working and the benefits to your family as a result. Some examples:

  • My son is in daycare. What’s great about it is that he loves his preschool and happily runs into the school each day (which is a statement in and of itself). He is learning in a safe, positive environment.
  • I am demonstrating to my children that women and men work contributing to their financial well-being.
  • I am nurturing my career as well as my family.
  • I am confident in the choices I have made for my family.

3) Talk About It 
Chat with fellow working moms at work, friends who work outside of your office or your partner. You may receive great tips from a co-worker experiencing the same thoughts.

Talking about your guilt will help you better understand it and then allow you to acknowledge the positive aspects of your choices. Stepping back from an issue may help you gain some valuable perspective and give you an opportunity to kick the guilt habit.

How do you manage working mom guilt?


7 thoughts on “Kick The Guilt Habit

  1. Great post, Steph! That’s something I’ve been dealing with lately as the pressure on my job increases. I posted about stress and the need to slow down and enjoy life today.


    1. Great! I have found it’s continual to check and try to balance the guilt factor. It will creep up on us if we let it!


  2. Great article. Us working mom’s go through this sooo much…and personally I go through this very very very often. I need to put this advice into practice much more than what I do.


  3. Thanks for this thoughtful post. I have been doing a lot of guilt-check lately. Because I realize that I am sacrificing just as much as everyone in my household. But I like the suggestion of turning that guilt around, that will definitely help a whole lot. Hope you are having a nice week.


    1. Glad it helps Blessing. I find acknowleding it at the very least helps get it unbottled and out in the open. Then, I can work on it from there. Hope your week is going well, too!


  4. I really love your posts and no doubt.. STacy till date inspires us and your post reminds me of my bloogroup too “B Positive” I wish to follow you but somehow am not getting in…


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