What would she tell me?

Dear Mama,

Thank you for the pieces of toast and cup of milk this morning. I like eating breakfast with you and my big brother before you go to work. I love it when we all play together and wrestle. It’s fun. It really makes me happy when you don’t use the thing that rings with the funny chime. It’s a cool shiny red color but it can take you away from our fun moments when you play with that. I think the other moms and dads call it a cell phone and texting or something like that.

I know you and daddy are busy at work. I love when we all get home at night and we make dinner together. We eat as a family and I like that. My big brother is getting better with sitting at the table. I’m glad he likes the broccoli you always cook for him. It’s good.

Well, I am off to go find something to chew on and play with while I wait for you to come pick me up. I like playing with my friends in the place I think you call “daycare.”

One last thing mama, when you feel stressed, overwhelmed or that thing I hear you talk about called “working mom guilt,” just keep in mind me and my big brother know you and daddy work very hard to give us all the fun things we play with every day and the comfy beds we sleep in every night.

We know you love us. We know you care. And we think you are doing a great job!


Your Little Boo

3 thoughts on “What would she tell me?

  1. Well, since we’re fixing to send our son to daycare one day a week (literally, he starts tomorrow), this couldn’t have come at a better time. Love it!


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