The Interviews: Shaking Up The Routine

Jen from Making Our Life Matter is a busy mom balancing a work schedule that includes her hubs, two boys and of course, a few family pets. Jen doesn’t sit still for long and appreciates the importance of spicing up the routine.

Making Our Life MatterWhat are some ways you shake up the weekly routine?
I change things up by taking a day  that I have planned things and just skip them.  I’ll just do the bare minimum, and then take the day to clean out some neglected spots, do major de-cluttering, etc. The hardest part of being able to shake up my routine is that my schedule is never the same each week.  I can work days, afternoons, and evenings.

How do you include the kids when you change the routine?
If it’s a day that they have off, I will let them watch some extra TV or maybe play video games a bit longer than I would normally.  When I involve the kids, I at least try to do a quick clean first.

How do you get “me time” to rejuvenate?
I add “me time” by taking a day  that I have planned things and just skip them.  I’ll make a cup of hot cocoa with whip cream, grab a blanket and my Nook, and just spend the day reading.

What do you suggest other working moms do to jolt the routine and make it fun for everyone?
Lower your expectations.  Everything does not need to be perfect.  One of my biggest things to jolt the routine is to declare one of my days of pajama day.  No one gets dressed if they don’t want to.   It’s so relaxing to do that, and the kids think that it’s such a neat idea.

What   thoughts would you like to share about the working mom routine?
Don’t be a slave to your routines.  The routine is there to guide you in your day, but shouldn’t rule your life.  You have enough routine when you are at work that isn’t flexible. You don’t need to be so rigid at home.

About Jen

JenJen is the author of Making Our Life Matter and works part-time outside of the home. She is a huge Philly sports fan and enjoys her role as coach’s wife.

When she is not blogging, she is taking care of the house and trying to maintain her sanity with two very active boys. She is also head animal wrangler with her Golden Retriever and Queen Kitty.

5 thoughts on “The Interviews: Shaking Up The Routine

  1. What a fabulous post! I love your perspective on life and ability to think outside the box and find the ‘real’ moments in life. You are a very wise person:)


    1. Thank you Bryn! It’s so much fun learning from other working moms and reading/hearing about their experiences… a great support for one another as well 🙂


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