Five Ways To Power It Up

Got goals? I think we all have goals in one way or another. Whether it’s the goal to get a pedicure once a month or the goal is to accomplish your degree, we need motivation and power to achieve that set goal. Long-term goals are met with bumps in the road, obstacles to overcome and naysayer comments to deflect. Many times, people stop when the going gets tough.

When I hit the motivation stumbling block, I think about powering up my 5 senses. You may be wondering how I’m connecting goal motivation with the five senses right about now. I have found that investing my five senses in a goal increases my motivation, excitement and action steps!

Using Your Five Senses To Power It Up (with a little twist!)

Sight: See the goal by visualizing. Close your eyes and see it. What does the goal look like? Envision that moment when you achieve it.

Touch: If it’s not tangible, think of touch as feeling. Imagine what it will feel like to achieve the next step of the goal or the goal in its entirety. Get your positive feelings into the mix! Push away the negative.

Taste: So, you can’t exactly eat the paper your goal is written on, but a couple things apply. A celebratory drink or dinner once a milestone or the overall goal is met. Reward yourself for a job well done. Make it something fabulous to keep you motivated and then taste it!

Smell: Much like taste, “scent” may not be part of the goal package. If not, breathe. Take a moment to close your eyes. Inhale 1-2-3. Exhale 1-2-3.

Hearing: SO important talk about it often and out loud. Hearing yourself talk about the goal will empower and excite you. If you are talking to a naysayer, move on to someone who supports you and your journey. This will  increase the positive vibe!

Some of the senses may seem like a mismatch for your individual goals at first glance. The five senses can always be applied in some way.  Be creative and have fun with it!

How do you power up your motivation?

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