When The Seizures Wouldn’t Stop Part II

Part I  of our story  left off with a couple of unanswered questions regarding my little boo’s high fever.

Why the fever?

Why had the fever and illness lasted so long?

With medication controlling her seizures and fever reducers working, we were waiting  to hear back from three doctors. The CT Scan came back normal… thank God! Next hurdle was the EEG. We were anticipating one of  the doctors would tell us the news within the evening.

We were moved from emergency to the PICU, pediatrics  intensive care unit. All  of the  patients were together in one large  room. As we waited, little boo was asleep in my arms. She was exhausted from all the tests and  strangers scaring her. The only other patient in the room was  one preemie baby, not much bigger than a handful and  clinging to life. I felt so much sadness for her parents. My hubby and I were going through our own crisis of course. I couldn’t help but feel terrible about what was in front of us at the same time.

One of little boo’s doctors arrived and we could hear him talking to the neurologist. We heard the good news that the EEG was normal! Both doctors confirmed. She had not  experienced a seizure since we arrived at the hospital earlier that morning  so we were able to move from intensive care to Pediatrics.

The fever was the unconfirmed variable and was still spiking a bit as the evening went on. We spent Saturday in the hospital as well. Finally, her fever subsided and she started to look like herself again. Between the antibiotics, seizure medication and time, it seemed that our little boo was on the mend.

Luckily, we were discharged Easter morning. We did get a visit from the Easter Bunny and one of her helpers before we left the hospital though!

Several virus theories were discussed but we did not receive a concrete reason.  Although it is unsettling not to have an answer  regarding the fever and what made her so sick, we received a diagnosis  confirming Complex Febrile Seizures. All of her follow-up appointments have been made now that we are out of the hospital. Taking each appointment, one step at a time.

During  those 48 hours we spent in the hospital, it didn’t matter to me that I am a “working” mom with a to-do list at the office or that laundry piles were still waiting at home. What mattered was getting little boo well and getting back to  what I will call our “new” normal… Febrile Seizures and all.  Life seems to put the small stuff like a laundry basket in perspective every now and then, doesn’t it?

Thank you all for the wonderful support, prayers and well wishes!  It meant so much to me and my hubby.



8 thoughts on “When The Seizures Wouldn’t Stop Part II

  1. Glad to know my little niece is back home safe and sound. Love to you all!
    And give that little niece of mine a BIG hug!


    1. Gave her big hugs and kisses! Her little monkey and the blanket you gave are her favorites… this morning, she was hugging and kissing him. Too cute! 🙂


  2. Ug, how frustrating it must be to not have a definitive diagnosis, but I’m glad boo was able to come home and things seem to have calmed down for you.

    Life sure does have a way of showing us what is important. Yep, that laundry didn’t make one bit of difference at the time, did it?

    I hope all of your follow up appointments go well and that everyone stays healthy and happy in the next few weeks while you are getting this all squared away.


    1. Life sure did! Yep, that laundry basket didn’t make a bit of difference during all of that 🙂 We are getting back to normal now and things do feel like they are calming down. So grateful for that!


    1. Thank you Grace! No, it’s not a term for Febrile Seizures that I know of but that was a way to describe what her body was doing. She is doing great now… happy and playing. Also, thank you for the link to your site!


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