When you fall off that horse

…dust yourself off, hop back on and keep riding!

When I was about 11 years old, I rode horses with one of my good friends from elementary school. She introduced me to the world of horseback riding, horse shows and the love I still have for horses. We used to take care of these two horses we called Cinnamon and Lady. We would throw nothing but a halter with lead rope on them and ride around this pretty big corral that was set on a hillside. Who needed a saddle anyway?

One day, Cinnamon ran up the hillside as I giggled away (running up the hill was the best part!). He trotted along the flat top half of the corral and then he took off with me. He galloped down the hill out of my control and I held on as best as I could.

He came to a screeching halt at the bottom of the hill. I went flying into a cyclone fence.I stood up in a daze and my friend came running out of the barn to see if I was hurt. I was mad at Cinnamon but not hurt. She told me the best thing to do was to get back on  him and ride up the hill. Sage advice for an eleven year old.

Horseback riding can be much like trying to accomplish goals in your life. When things are going great like galloping up a hill, you are excited, exhilarated. When you fall off, you can feel discouraged and want to give up. It’s  a choice. You can pack it up and call it a day. Or, you can jump back on that horse, try again and rebuild following that confidence earthquake you just endured.

Over the last couple of weeks, I had a couple of confidence earthquakes. I planned, prepared and envisioned success for two major career moments. Both felt like they fell short, at least to me. I fell off the “horse” also known as the momentum flowing to my goal. I was ready to pack it up and call it a day. For a few days, I actually did.

Then, I thought of  the day Cinnamon  launched me into the fence  over two decades ago. He threw me off, it jolted my confidence as a rider and as a result, I wanted to call it a day. I didn’t. I took my friend’s advice. I got back on  him and rode up that hill.

Sometimes when things go unexpected, you (meaning me, too!) learn, grow and aspire to do more as a result. I’m glad my friend gave me the advice that day  because it’s the same advice I use to this day. I’m sure I will get thrown off that horse again some day. I’ll just take a breather, dust off and try again.

How do you overcome a setback (falling off that horse)?

3 thoughts on “When you fall off that horse

  1. I just remind myself that life is about ups and downs and this too shall pass. I am a pretty determined woman, I mean I have to be since I am raising three on my own. : )


  2. Your name alone says it all! I love that you are Be Positive Mom. Each post I see from you is a quick reminder to Be Positive! Thank you for your great posts.

    I agree with Crystal Lynn. This too shall pass and the next moment is what we make of it, so let’s make it positive!


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