The Interviews: Moms, Money and Business

Andrea from Mainstream Mom shares how she turned her struggle with the family finances into a thriving business. Andrea  was inspired to teach other moms about running the home and finances more efficiently. From that passion, Andrea started Mainstream Mom. 

AndreaTell us about how you got started with Mainstream Mom.
I gave up my career in 2007 to stay home with my kids. I wanted desperately to earn a paycheck from home to replace some of the lost income. I did a lot of hair brain things and spent a ton of money (and time) on this and that.

Finally, after about the ninth online course and when I was nearly on my last dollar I got super clear on the exact things that were important to me. I dug deep to learn what I wanted/needed to know to run my own home more efficiently. I decided I could help teach other moms what I was learning. That’s when I began building

Where did your tagline come from? “$mart Moms. Bad Hair.”
It’s really a bad way to brand yourself (and I’ll likely change it up someday). I went on a site that had a long list of movie taglines. The tagline I chose was from the latest Starsky & Hutch movie (the one with Ben Stiller), Good Cops. Bad Hair.

I changed it up a tad. I put the dollar sign in $mart to reveal to visitors my site was about money and the Bad Hair part just seemed to fit. I hardly ever have a chance to curl my own hair or even get it cut. I think by becoming a Mom, our hair automatically suffers a bit. It’s usually at the bottom of the list.

Can you share some tips with other moms thinking about becoming a Mompreneur?

  • My first tip would be to do something every day towards your goals. Don’t get stuck in the “I’m not good enough, smart enough, (you fill in the blank) enough trap!” You are unique, there’s NOBODY else like you. Bring it on sista. You hold the goods!
  • Educate yourself and build your network, but don’t use up all your time doing it.
  • Pick a couple people to learn from, people that really resonate with you and follow them.
  • Don’t sign up for 900 newsletters and courses and have no time to build your business. Start using the delete button and unsubscribe if you have.
  • All those HUGE mom sites or mom owned businesses are run by normal women just like us. They aren’t anything special or different. They just persisted  with their dreams and made them a reality. Don’t be afraid to ask for their help! More often than not, they are more than willing to lend a helping hand.
  • Persistence is the key.

Persistence wins the race. Don’t be a flake. Stick to your guns and create something spectacular for yourself and your family!

How do you manage the busy schedule that includes wife, mom and entrepreneur?
I stick to a somewhat regimented schedule every day. I continue to refine it as needed, so I’m a little flexible too. Without a clear plan though, I’d be lost.

I am grateful to be home with my kids every day, all day. I know what it is like to drop them off at day care. That’s a lot harder than what I do now. We find a nice balance of exercise, fun, work and rest each day.

From the beginning of my entrepreneurial days, I took it seriously. It was NEVER a hobby to me. My goal has always been to create a profitable, sustainable business.

As I persisted and remained focused on my dreams, my husband eventually came around. He’s super proud of all my hard work and tells me so almost daily. He wasn’t always too sure about what I was doing, but he remained supportive for the most part.

Any “me time” tips you can offer to moms on the go?
I’m totally into the 20 Years Younger episode that was just on Oprah. The most important things (you need to get a grip on) are ample exercise, good nutrition, good skincare and enough sleep. It’s not an option.

If you want to be super productive, look and feel great, take the time and implement these vital ingredients into your life! Oh and pray. 🙂

About Andrea and Mainstream Mom

Interview with Andrea from Mainstream MomAndrea is  the author of Mainstream Mom. She offers you the opportunity to experience real life debt free. Mainstream Mom urges you to stop spending money mindlessly and to finally achieve your financial goals.  Andrea  works from home raising  her three kids and is not a certified financial planner.


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  1. Love these tips for working moms and moms on the go. My readers will benefit from your list of tips! Look forward to more of them.


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