5 Ways to Get Stress Relief

Are you stressed? We are under a lot of pressure these days. We are managing it all and refer to ourselves as “supermoms” in the making. That is a lot to live up to, at least for me it is.

Did you know that scientists are constantly uncovering the physical effects pro-longed stress has on a woman? There’s no denying when we are stressed mentally that our bodies are also stressed. Headaches, neck tension and even an interruption in menstruation are some of the issues to note. The list also includes some cancers and heart disease.

When you search the terms “women and stress” you can find a large number of physical issues stress may cause. Here’s 5 simple ways to reduce the stress in your life.

1) Breathe
If you just skipped over the line above where I described an inhale and exhale, back up and we can try again together! Close your eyes. Take a deep breath with me. Inhale 1-2-3. Exhale 1-2-3. Try to sit up for good posture, too. Your back will thank you.

2) Getup and go drink a glass of water
We sit too long in front of our computers. Get up and walk to get some circulation going. Enjoy a glass of water and don’t forget to do this a few times a day… enough times to drink 64 ounces worth of water in fact!

3) Exercise
Are you doing it? I mean really getting in some exercise. Search out the type of exercising you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be another to-do. The long term health benefits are substantial so it’s important to find something you like.

Swimming, biking, running, walking, roller blading, kick boxing, yoga… shall I go on? Go for a walk while you are at work.  Something that the whole family will enjoy is a long walk after a day at the office. You ALL reap the benefits from a family walk!

4) “Me Time” Anyone?
Get your break time into that schedule. If you can only fit in 5 minutes, squeeze it in! Work your way up to fitting in a longer break with a date night, friend night or an exercise night. So many things you can do for “me time” and every one of those choices will reduce your stress.

5) Enjoy A Good Gut Laugh
Laughter is the best medicine after all. It’s your body’s way of naturally relieving tension. Loosen up, giggle with the kiddies. It’s amazing what goofy dancing will do to get you laughing with the kids.

Tried, tested and proven by yours truly! It’s not a pretty sight, but we laugh every time.

The list of stress relievers is really endless. Changing things up is a great way to keep it fun. The key is to find what works best for you and then actually do it!

How do you reduce stress?



Disclaimer: The information written in “Are You Stressed?” is not meant as medical diagnosis, directives or suggestions. Always consult with your personal physician regarding your health, exercise or stress related issues for diagnosis.


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