A Corporate Conference Day Ahead

Off to a conference today. It’s tough getting up at the crack of dawn only to leave my little ones for the day, but I feel lucky it’s not an overnight trip. My hubby is handling clothes, lunches and drop-off duties for the morning. I will be on the road early in order to make it to the conference venue.

Secretly, I am excited to go to this event because the topic of discussion is social media. The social media phenomenon is fascinating to me not only from a working mom perspective but also from my blogging mom reality.

The information I learn today I plan to apply to the two worlds (make that three worlds) I am a part of these days: 1) mom, 2) blogging mom and 3) corporate employee (i.e. working mom). Social media certainly includes it all now, personal and business.

I have “corporately” suited up for the day, ready with business cards in hand and prepared to soak up all the social media information I can!







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