How important is the routine for your kids?

Very important! I have to admit when I think of the word “routine” a couple of things come to mind though boring and well, routine.

Consistency is key though, especially when it comes to getting out the door in the morning or working through the bedtime drill. Without consistency and yes, a routine, the morning or night can turn from smooth sailing to some choppy seas. Here’s a few things I practice each and every morning. A consistent routine helps everyone, especially you.

The morning routine includes breakfast time every day with the kiddies. Now, I may not sit with them each time, but they always eat before going out the door. Healthy cereal and milk is a great way to start the day. Or, toast and fruit is a good one, too.

Pack the lunches the night before a school/work day or at the very least, get the food staged in the fridge. Stock up on the snack foods over the weekend to help speed up the lunch packing!

Between laptop bags, lunch boxes, a purse, nap sheets, diapers and whatever else needs to go to the two schools we are toggling between these days, we use  our house entryway  as the staging area.

Little boo’s stuff in one place with mine. Little guy’s stuff on the other side of the entryway with my hubby’s work gear. It’s separated by kid and by the parent who takes the kid/baby to school.

Practicing these steps ensures a smoother morning transition on most days. Take one away and it makes things a bit more chaotic.

Aside from the morning and evening routines, I am a big proponent for shaking things up every now and then.

You know by now what I am about to say, right!?

Squeeze in the “me time” that is just for you as much as you can!

This week, I’m heading out to dinner with my dear friend and I can’t wait!

Mom out for dinner means the bedtime drill will be solo for my hubby. How’s that for a shake up?

Do I favor a routine for the kiddies? YES!

Squeezing in some time for me, too a definite!

How do you manage your routine and still find time for you?

5 thoughts on “How important is the routine for your kids?

    1. lol! I meant the entryway into the house… may need to fix how I wrote that! The doorstep will work, too 🙂


  1. Awesome post! and great tips… we are big on routines around here also. I practice some ( almost all) the tips you shared here ( especially the breakfast one) no one leaves the house without breakfast.

    Thanks for sharing!


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