Top Ten Summer Boredom Busting Activities For Kids

“Mom… I’m bored!”

Does that sound familiar? Even working moms hear those word uttered by their little ones. I just heard those words last weekend from our little guy.

I came across a great article with activities to help  curb the boredom woes we often hear from our kiddies, especially during summer. I included the list below and added my own commentary as well.

We do a lot of these on the weekend or in the evening after work. #5 is one of the faves that my little guy and hubby do almost every week is wash the truck. Here’s the Top Ten Summer Boredom Busting Activities for Kids:

1. Paint With Water
Throw on the bathing suits and let them get creative. Clean-up is easy with just hosing things down.

2. Vinegar Water Spray Bottles
Get the kiddies cleaning!

3. Aluminum Foil Play
Let them get creative making shapes…

4. Paint Outside
You can use poster board, paper or even the wall of your house. Just be sure to use the water washable paints. Again, the hose is the best way to clean after this activity!

5. Wash The Bikes And Cars
Enough said there!

6. Fort And Flashlights
If the house is cool and it’s too hot outside, this is a great game to play.

7. Miniature Sand Box Game
Using a shoe box lid, you can create a sandy town with rocks, sticks, forks, spoons and so much more!

8. Toothpick/Marshmallow Construction
Make a building, a school or a big skyscraper and enjoy a treat during the build.

9. Backyard Tent
Another fave for my hubby and little guy. I’m not sure which they like more, building it or just hanging out when it’s done. I like hanging out in it, too!

10. Taking Pictures
Kiddies love to take pictures. More silly, even better… it always makes for a good laugh!

And my favorite from being a kid, a good run through the sprinklers to cool you off on a hot summer day. Don’t forget the sunblock!

What are some of your favorite summer activities for the kids?


You can read the original article at Yahoo!


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Summer Boredom Busting Activities For Kids

    1. They are fun aren’t they!? We have a couple of repeats we keep doing… but our little guy likes them, so it works 🙂


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