The Interviews: Beauty Tips Made Easy

Michelle Mullins from Lipstick Rules is a full-time working mom and blogger who shares her best kept secrets for looking beautiful. 

Lipstick Rules

What are some easy make-up tips can you share with other working moms?
As a working mom, I don’t have a lot of time to spare in the morning.

  1. For me, the most important thing is to even out my skin tone (tinted moisturizer or a light foundation).
  2. Conceal dark under-eye circles.
  3. Add color to my cheeks (bronzer or blush).
  4. Make my eyes look more alert with a neutral tone eye shadow (champagne colors for example) and mascara.
  5. I finish the look with a light pink or peach lipstick.

It might seem like a lot of steps but it can be doable in five to 10 minutes. If you have an extra minute to spare, I’d also recommend lining your upper lash line with eyeliner to make the eyes look more awake. If this is too much for some, I’d say choose one feature (eyes or lips) and focus on that.

What are some make-up must-haves for busy moms?
Must-haves are a light pink or peach blush to make your skin look more awake/glowy. This is so helpful when you’re feeling extra tired. I also suggest using mascara to open up the eyes. And as a lipstick and lipgloss fanatic, I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t recommend wearing a lip color!

Any products out there not worth spending our money on ““ skimp on or skip entirely?
Though there are some really great high-end eyeliners and mascaras, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on these products necessarily. There are a lot of gems to be found at the local supermarket or drugstore.

Tell us about some late summer beauty trends.
Bright lips are hot this summer particularly colors like bright fuchsia or orange/reds. For the eyes, a lot of brands are featuring bronze and turquoise in their collections. Bronzer of course is always popular in the summer.

You are juggling a full-time career, two kids and your home; can you share with us how you fit in “beauty time”?
I am indeed juggling a lot with a family, a home, a husband and a full-time career. I’ve been blogging about beauty now for more than 2 years, and as a result, my kids and my husband have gotten used to my beauty ‘habits.’

It’s become part of our life; they support me taking time to work on product reviews, photographing products and writing the blog. They are used to me getting excited over new lipstick or new eye shadow palettes.

I usually squeeze in the beauty time early in the morning  while the kids have their breakfast and later in the evenings after they’ve gone to bed.

They are still my number 1 priority and I don’t let my ‘hobby’ get in the way. That said, I do value and love what I do with the blog. This is my ‘me’ time. It’s something I’m really passionate about and hope to do for a long time. I also hope I’m setting a good example for my kids about doing something that you love.

About Michelle

Michelle MullinsMichelle  is the lipstick addict behind  the Lipstick Rules  beauty blog. She is based near Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has readers across the country and internationally.  She began LipstickRules in 2009 as a way to connect with like-minded women, share ideas, and also learn more about social media.

She has been  quoted in makeup trend articles for the  National Post, Montreal Gazette, and  Vancouver Sun. On the international stage,  she was also featured in  Allure Magazine Korea  as a world power blogger. In 2011, she received the award for  Best Beauty or Fashion blog in Canada  at the annual  P&G Beauty and Grooming  awards.  She is  also  part of  the Beauty Panel for Fashion Magazine online, contributing new content each week.

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