Getting Totally Disconnected

What would you do for if had to give up your phone, Internet and TV?

I really don’t watch all that much TV. It’s pretty limited unless you count watching Toy Story 3, Ice Age or Yo Gabba Gabba for the 1110th time per show. I do like HGTV and the Food Network when I watch TV.

Internet access. That is a different story. I’m on-line almost seven days a week. I do go out of town with my family now and then to our lake house and it has almost no Internet access. It’s really nice to be disconnected while we are there. I do start to miss it by day three though. There’s so many things we can do once we finally get disconnected.

    • Take a long walk and bring snacks for the kiddies.
    • Finger painting, coloring, drawing with the kids.
    • Draw body outlines with sidewalk chalk. Always a fun one.
    • Go for a ride on the local train or visit the park. The train ride is actually on the agenda for this weekend!
    • Read a book or magazine. For me, this happens during the kids’ nap time.
    • Bake something! The kids love to help out.
    • Plant flowers.
    • Tickle Fest! We do this often and it’s pretty funny.
    • Water play during summer.
    • Me time for mom. I like to take a break just for me!

What would you do if you had to give up your iPhone, TV and Internet?

9 thoughts on “Getting Totally Disconnected

  1. I’d lock myself in my craft room almost every day of the week for a couple hours a day!!! AFTER I play with my kids, of course.

    i linked you up and fixed the linky issue. thanks for letting me know!


    1. Thanks Julia! I love the idea of the crafty room… I bet it is such a great feeling to create and then go play with the kiddies 🙂


  2. I would read, read, read!! Oh yeah…I have a 3 year old…I would play, play, play!! At times, we have not had TV and internet and we did play a LOT (blocks, puzzle, books, cars…you know…).

    One weekend, my boy and I went outside and played in the mud. I had to coerce him to get dirty!!! I filled a sand hole that the dogs had dug full of water and sat down. The Boy just looked at me for a while and then I spilled some mud on his foot. He almost cried until I dumped a bowl of mud in his lap and that made him giggle and then he was all for it!!


    1. I love the mud fun!! I’m sure he was ready to go once that bowl dumped out… I adore those moments so much. My fave lately are the tickle fests. I need to record the laugher because it is just precious!


  3. There’s a place I also go to out of town that’s a couple of hours away where there is a spectacular view of a lovely mountain right outside the patio. Staring at it in gazed silence while taking in the beauty of my surroundings, works for me. 🙂


  4. I’m a complete TV and internet addict.. horrible I know!.. and if there was no TV or internet, I guess I would workout more or even read a book** GASP!***


  5. It’s hard to believe there are places without the Internet! But my parents live in one of those places, and I agree it’s nice to take a break.


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