The Good Contagious

Summer is just about ending, but it wasn’t without a few colds that went around our house. My little guy caught a  bug and within a few days, little boo caught it, too. The bad contagious. The kind we want to avoid.

I was heading home after a long day at work. The days have felt very busy lately and unwinding has been taking a bit longer than  usual. Yesterday was different though.

I’ve been adjusting to a new work atmosphere after a few people left my department. Change can be uneasy and it was when it happened. Time has passed since the upheaval and I have the opportunity to work with new people now. What I found was that change is good, especially when it opens new doors to fresh ideas.

So, here’s why yesterday was different…

I experienced the good kind of contagious for the first time in a long time. When you are in the corporate world or any work world for that matter, the attitude that the people around you have will impact your own attitude.  Have you ever noticed that at the office or among friends?

I talked with someone who is new to a project for a while yesterday. That’s it and that’s all. The difference was the excitement, the ideas and… the attitude. A positive one.

Before I knew it, my ideas were flowing and so was the excitement over, of all things… work. Plus, the joking and laughing helped, too.

While I don’t love the colds that travel around our house every so often, I am always open to the good contagious, especially when it comes to the work environment. It make a difference for everyone.

Have you ever experienced the good contagious at work?

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