Does It Feel Like A Marathon Or A Sprint?

I feel like I’ve been running a  fast sprint lately. It’s become a crazy working mom pace! The gun blasts at the crack of dawn each day of the week  and I start running as soon as the alarm sings at 4:45 am. READY. SET. GO!

Exercise, if I don’t hit snooze.

Kid’s morning breakfast routine.

School and daycare drop off drill.


At Work: Meeting. Work. Phone. Co-worker. Work. Boss. Co-worker. Boss. Fire. Fire. Fire. Meeting. Phone. End of Day Fire.

Day is finally over– run from the building as fast as I can!


Pick-up one of the kids while my hubby picks up the other.

Oh, what’s for dinner?

Late evening melt-down (that would be my little guy, not me. OK, on occasion it’s me.)

Bath time for kids.

Brush those teeth, story, bed.

Blog. Work.

Sleep which is really me staggering to bed.

Alarm clock blares… guess what, I get to do it all over again. Lucky me! Note my sarcasm…

Lately, I feel like the lady in the picture trying to catch her breath.

It’s the ebb and flow thing. A month or so ago, life was moving at a slower pace (the ebb) and now it feels super fast (the flow). I know it won’t stay the same forever and it’s what I make of it each day.

Last night I did just that, I sat with my little boo while she drank a bottle when we got home for the evening and then laid down with my little guy to watch cartoons. We just hung out.

At least while life feels like a fast sprint, I can  bring  it down to a slower pace when I decide to make it happen.

How do you slow things down when the sprint pace kicks up?

2 thoughts on “Does It Feel Like A Marathon Or A Sprint?

  1. 4:45am! Squeak! That’s early!!! I don’t know how you do it. Honestly that would take super human powers for me to pull that off daily. I know when things get hectic for me I rely heavily on my husband to keep the family grounded. He’s really my rock.


    1. My hubby keeps me grounded too… very lucky in that respect 🙂 4:45 am is a bit crazy and sometimes I’ll sleep in until 5am.. ha! ha! But it’s the best time for me to squeeze in a workout and a little coffee time when I can before the day really begins. Best thing is to find what works.


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