The One Year Test

I was reading through some past posts and came across My Corporate Skin. It made me laugh. The post itself really isn’t funny, but what had me so worked up a year ago was.

Many times I get my own stress in check by giving things the one year test. I’m sure you have heard of it before. Ask yourself, “Will this really matter in a year?” Many times it won’t so why put the energy and the angst into a situation. It’s a good practice to gain some perspective.

Why was I laughing at the post below? Well, it has been just about one year since I wrote it and the co-workers, managers, etc. have all changed and some are no longer with the company.

My Corporate Skin
written October 11, 2010

I’ve been in the corporate world for many years. I have worked at a couple of large corporations with very recognizable names and a handful of small firms. The interpersonal interactions in both large and small companies have always been fascinating to me.

But now that I have little ones, I can see how easily comparable it is to kids playing in a sandbox. Sometimes kiddies behave for the greater good, like building a sand castle all together.  And others may have a different plan that doesn’t involve all that much teamwork and includes throwing a lot of sand.

So when I completed a fairly large project and another manager received the credit for this accomplishment (and gladly took it), I was forced to take a moment to pause before I reacted with a temper tantrum as a 3 year old would do in the sandbox.

What is the best response when another person takes credit for your work?

To me, if the person who did the work raises the issue, she or he sounds like the sandbox tattle tale. Sure I wanted to kick, scream and say it’s not fair. I could have even thrown some sand around but I opted to take the high road. I had a long talk with my manager, the person who (oh ya…) handles my reviews, raises and bonuses. I was able to honestly discuss it like a rational adult.

I kept the sandbox tantrum out of the conversation figuring it’d be to my benefit and the whole thing blew over. The right people knew about the work I completed.

I am very grateful to be employed, especially now a days.  But I will admit my corporate skin is a bit thicker and possibly more callous as time marches on. I like to think of it as the armor that helps the sandbox stuff bounce off of me.

The interpersonal aspects of the corporate world will continue to fascinate me and the sand slinging will never end but I try to practice the Golden Rule I was taught so long ago, “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

Whether I am in my working mom, just mommy, friend or family world, it’s all a work in progress and so am I. And I figure it’s better to keep trying instead of throwing the sand down and stomping off the playground!

2 thoughts on “The One Year Test

  1. My Dad always said ten years. Will it matter ten years from now? Will you even remember it ten years from now? Will your life be changed forever by this when you look back ten years from now? No? Then you might as well just get over it now. Interesting post.


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