The Dress Code Police

What is the dress code like at work? Casual for me. I’m so thankful for that, too.

I worked at a company right after the bust that had a very strict dress code policy. I’m still grateful nylons were not part of the requirements, very grateful!

We did have a no denim policy though. I don’t think they even wanted a denim handbag to enter the building. It was a career services firm so we had to set the example for our clients who were looking for a job.

Today, I am glad that my work environment is casual. When we have clients in the office or an event, it’s time to pull out the business casual attire. On occasion, I have to wear a suit. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl so it’s fun to dress up once in a while.

I do believe in that adage about dressing the part and how it can impact the mood. But some days jeans, a t-shirt and my hair in a bun suits my mood just fine!

How about you? What kind of dress code policy do you follow at work?


6 thoughts on “The Dress Code Police

  1. I’m not in a customer-facing job, so the dress code is pretty laid back. However, I do like to dress smartly! I would only wear jeans on a ‘Dress-Down’ day or if having to manual work!


  2. Thanks for participating in WMW! I’m with you on the casual front but like the other commenters said, it is nice to dress up occasionally – when I get up early enough to dry my hair enough to do hair rollers and then I want to wear a dress!

    Oh and happy to note your blog works in China. Mine doesn’t show any of the photos and has funky formatting.


    1. How funny, I feel the same way when I actually do the hair and make-up, I dress up a bit, too. Hey, thanks for letting me know about China! Very cool. It’s been so much fun to see where Be Positive Mom gets hits from all over tha world. Looking forward to more WMW with you! 🙂


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