5 Ways to Find Balance

The life of a working mom can quickly become a nightmare if the roles of mother, worker and wife aren’t well balanced. Trying to be everything to everyone is a great way to get totally burned out; once you reach the burn out point you won’t be able to help anyone.

Bring some balance to your life by setting goals and boundaries and by planning your week well in advance. Your kids, spouse and employer will thank you, and you may even snag some quality time for yourself as well.

1) Take Care
Take a step back from your roles as mom, spouse and worker for a moment and make sure you are spending some time alone each week. Whether you head to the local gym, do yoga at home or just browse a bookstore during your lunch break, scheduling in some down time will help you feel healthy and balanced, and give you more energy to address the other roles you fill each day.

2) Just Say No
Whether your child’s school wants you to prepare 200 cupcakes for a bake sale or a local charity needs help organizing a fundraiser, don’t be afraid to say no if a project simply won’t fit into your schedule. Say no to the items you simply don’t have time to do and you’ll have time to say yes to things that are really important to you. Trying to pack too much into an already crazy schedule is setting yourself up for stress and failure.

3) Make a List
Make a weekly list of the things that simply need to be done. Having a list of the essentials will allow you to get a better sense of what items are “must do” and what items can be dropped or shifted to another time. The work portion of your list will be easy, but make sure you build in some time for the kids and your spouse as well. The family related “must do” items can be as simple as reading a chapter of a book aloud each night or hiring a babysitter to watch the kids on a weekend evening. Actually adding items to a “to do” list and into your daily schedule makes them more of a priority, and more likely to get done.

4) Hire Help
If it fits your budget, hire weekly household help. A weekly visit by a maid service may be more affordable than you think, and save you hours of cleaning time. You’ll feel better coming in to a clean home, and you’ll spend less time pushing a vacuum and more time relaxing at home. Even if a cleaning service is out of your budget, make sure each family member has some type of responsibility at home. Kids as young as 5 can clear a table, load a dishwasher or dust; while older kids and teens can handle larger chores.

5) Leave Work Behind
Give your work a hundred percent of your time and attention when you are there. Once you leave the office, keep work to a minimum. If you absolutely must bring work home, confine it to a small portion of your home and complete the task quickly so you can put it behind you and enjoy your family.

What are some of your tips for squeezing in time for yourself?


Original content was written by: Steven Elias



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