What would you do with 96 years?

Saturday night was one of those evenings I had time to do whatever I wanted. My hubby was out of town and the kids went to bed early. I think the pumpkin patch outing wore them out.

I felt like writing, but I had nothing to write about, nothing that really stuck out to me anyway. Usually, something happens during a day or week that inspires some kind of post. I just  didn’t have much.

I started thinking about my great aunt who passed away last week. I hadn’t seen her in years since she lived far away. I was told she passed away in her sleep. She was 96… 96!

96 years is a long time, but in the end I’m sure it seemed like it went by fast to her. It gave me a moment to pause not only about the memories I have of her, but how truly inspiring it is to hear of someone living to that age.

The places she went. The people she met. The things she experienced. The ups and downs. The world she grew up in compared to the world today. A lot has changed in 96 years, a lot.

People often pose that question of what would you do if you were given one year to live. It’s like a game to fill in the answer with the dreams and aspirations you may actually have now. When someone puts a one year limit in place, it’s a kick start to take  action. I wonder what people would do if they knew they had 96.

How about you?


Would  you wait to do what you wanted because it seems so far away? You have plenty of time.

Or, would you do the things you want to do now, not putting  anything (or you) off another day? You could defy all naysayers or negative influences because you are following your heart.

Hmmm. I wonder.

Even with 96 years, the time is still limited. What we can do with it though is limitless.




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