Attitude of Gratitude Tips From Parenting Magazine

After watching my son rifle through the gifts during his birthday party, I thought he may need a little chat about gratitude. I completely understand that his excitement took over, but he was on to the next gift without even knowing who gave him the one he tossed aside. I was a embarrassed.

I was glad to see the Parenting magazine for December had an article on this very topic. With the holidays coming so quickly, they offered some sage advice for a pre-school “Attitude of Gratitude” for the holidays.

3 Tips to Foster an Attitude  of Gratitude

1) Give Him or Her a Reality Check
What we see on TV doesn’t always mean it’s going to be under the tree Christmas morning. Set those expectations as the month rolls forward so he or she understands it’s possible to also get those gifts that may not have been on the list sent to Santa.

2) Help Him or Her With The Right Words
Parenting suggested to practice a script for how to say thank you to people. A tip that can be practiced over the next few weeks. I could have used this one prior to the birthday party!

Here’s a good example, “Thank you! I like it a lot!” Eye contact while saying thank you is a great way to acknowledge who gave the gift.

3) Practice Your Own Thank-Yous
OK moms and dads… They learn from us, so knocking the crazy pair of socks you received from Grandma may not be the best example for your little one. Walk the gratitude talk.

As Janette B. Benson, Ph.D. pointed out in the Parenting article, “You have to model gratitude if you want your child to practice it, too.”

So true, oh so true!

What tips can you offer for fostering the attitude  of gratitude during the holiday season?




Source: Parenting Magazine


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