Your New Year In The Making – Part I

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.” ~Bill Vaughan

A new year is coming. A new year of hope and optimism. A new year that could change your life or it may be the year to make a change.

I wrote that year ago and still believe the same this year. A new year with new beginnings is exciting.

For thousands of years, people have made resolutions before the old year rings out and the new one rings in. It’s tradition to talk about your resolutions for the upcoming and the commitment to make a change to a habit or a lifestyle change that will improve your life over the course of the year. Unfortunately, the statistics for achievement are a bit dismal.

 Do you think we put too much pressure on ourselves  when  we create

 arbitrary or overwhelming resolutions?

Just as I did last year, I created a plan for 2012 that includes the “3 P” approach.

Write the goals  down, hang them up for the visual reminder and  allow for flexibility since we never know what life will throw us in 2012.

PASSION: Make the goal positive and own it! When you are passionate about what you are trying to accomplish, you will be amazed over the energy it creates.

PURPOSE: Understand what the goal means to you and gather the support from those around you. Evaluate the resources needed to accomplish your goal. Give the goal strong legs of purpose to stand on during this process because your goal has meaningful purpose in your life.

POWER: With passion and purpose behind you, fuel the goal with POWER. Give it the senses test visualize, feel, smell and even taste that goal you are working towards. Hear yourself talk about it with others to give it POWER.

Let’s not overwhelm with resolutions this year and focus on the attainable goals we can work on one step at a time.

What are your goals for the New Year?

Check out Part II of this article.




3 thoughts on “Your New Year In The Making – Part I

    1. I love this! Your MVPs, people in your corner to support, are so important 🙂 I really liked how you outlined that in your post as well. Best of luck with the career change! Sounds exciting and I would love to hear more about it Blessing 🙂


  1. New visitor here –

    Goals are essential!!!

    They help you see the big picture, while guiding you down the small steps –

    They give you a clearly defined path to follow, so if at any time, you are stuck or veer off course, you can look at your (written) goals and get right back on track.

    For me, working smarter definitely tops the list –
    Also probably writing more and maybe more vacations 🙂

    Great post btw!


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