Your New Year In The Making – Part II

2012 is fast approaching! I already saw a Valentine’s card display at Target. Really? Already? I still have Christmas decorations up and now it’s Valentine’s day. It struck me how we miss what’s right in front of us when we are speeding off to the next thing.

When I left Part I of the Your New Year in the Making, I outlined the “3 P’s’ for setting up the goals you’d like to accomplish in 2012. I used this process for setting up my own goals for the year, but I also keep in mind that life is fluid and sometimes things shift into a new direction.

I’ve been reading a lot about getting clear when creating goals. Clarity is a major ingredient in the recipe of goal success. As we both know, getting clear when you are a mom, a working mom, can be quite the task. I’ve actually felt more cluttered when I try to get clear.

Here’s a tip: The “get clear” doesn’t always come first. Instead of looking at the whole picture or goal, take a baby step or two to identify the goal or goals that have significant meaning in your life.

As my Yo Gabba Gabba friends sing…”break it down…”

Break it down in writing, that is.

6 Steps To Set Goals With Passion, Purpose and Power

1) Take out a piece of paper and list the goals you’d like to accomplish in 2012. Brainstorm it out and scribble all over if that helps!

2) Look at that list and draw a star next to the things that give you the warm fuzzies and the drive to start NOW.

3) Take the starred goals and apply the 3 P’s. Using a second piece of paper, draw out columns and list a goal at the top of each column. (see sample at bottom of this post)

4) Below each goal, write down a few adjectives that make you excited about the goal. Describe what makes you passionate about it.

PASSION: Make the goal positive and own it! When you are passionate about what you are trying to accomplish, you will be amazed over the energy it creates.

5) Next, jot down a few things  describing the purpose it has in your life. This  answers why the goal means so much to you.

PURPOSE: Understand what the goal means to you and gather the support from those around you. Evaluate the resources needed to accomplish your goal. Give the goal strong legs of purpose to stand on during this process because your goal has meaningful purpose in your life.

6) Power the goal with your five senses as you move forward with it. At the bottom of  each goal  column, write “Give it POWER!” and list the two next action steps that will start your journey.

POWER: With passion and purpose behind you, fuel the goal with POWER. Give it the senses test, visualize, feel, smell and even taste that goal you are working towards. Hear yourself talk about it with others to give it POWER.

These steps will help you gain clarity around the goal and why it’s important to accomplish it in your life. Getting clear is a process, an important one that may not happen  overnight.

As you work through the ideas, you will become clearer and more excited about the next  actions you will take. It’s a building process, one step at a time.

How do you create your goals?

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