Struggle With The Juggle

I think we all have that feeling that we are struggling no matter if you are a working mom or a career woman without children. We get used to a routine in our lives and then the foot hits the gas into the over drive of craziness which creates the struggle.

I feel like I’ve been racing around a lot lately. It’s an accelerated pace from what I have managed in the past. I’m working, growing a family, managing this site and now more.

If  you read Does It Feel Like A Marathon or a Sprint? you may recognize the rundown.

I start running as soon as the alarm sings at 4:45 am.

Exercise, if I don’t hit snooze.

Kids’ morning breakfast routine.

School and daycare drop off drill.


At Work: Meeting. Work. Phone. Co-worker. Work. Boss. Co-worker. Boss. Fire. Fire. Fire. Meeting. Phone. End of Day Fire.

Day is finally over– run from the building as fast as I can!


Pick-up one of the kids while my hubby picks up the other.

Oh, what’s for dinner?

Late evening melt-down (that would be  our little boo, not me. OK, on occasion it’s me.)

Bath time for kids.

Brush those teeth, story, bed.

Blog. Work. Blog more. Squeeze in a chapter of a book.

Sleep which is really me staggering to bed.

Alarm clock blares… and it starts up again.

So, what to do?

It’s the ebb and flow thing yet again. A month or so ago, life was moving at a slower pace (the ebb) and now it feels super fast (the flow). I know it won’t stay the same forever and it’s what I make of it each day.

It’s the breaks we need in between that are so important. I am realizing that more and more.

You can recharge your batteries by hanging out with friends, going for a walk or run, getting a pedicure or just hanging out.  I was able to enjoy time with friends this week more so than usual and also squeezed in a few walks. All battery charging stuff!

So when you feel like it’s a tug-of war via the struggle with the juggle,  

shift from what you have to do to what you want to do to recharge your batteries.

Fit it in to the schedule. Sometimes it’s the first steps that feel like the hardest.

What are some ways you shift from feeling like it’s the struggle?






5 thoughts on “Struggle With The Juggle

  1. i’m struggling with the same thing at the moment, but sleep is outweighing all my other recharge activities. i really would prefer to get up and practice yoga in the morning, but 20 minutes more sleep seems that much more valuable at the moment. good luck!


    1. I can relate to the sleep thing! I’ve been sleeping in when I need to as well. Our bodies are pretty good about telling us when sleep is more important…


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