Setting Boundaries You’ll Keep

I’ve been reading a lot about moms feeling overworked and struggling between career and motherhood and have listened to moms talk about it over the past few weeks. It’s so easy for us to strike up a conversation about work, motherhood and everything else in between. It feels good to know we are not alone with our struggles and our choices as working parents.

During a training I took last week, the topic of boundaries came up. The type of boundaries discussed revolved around setting boundaries with clients. How to be upfront, set boundaries as appropriate and then stick to them. Really, setting boundaries can be applied to ever aspect in our lives.

We can always set our own. The trick is to keep them like drawing that proverbial line in the sand.

Boundary: No email in the evening.

Reality: You find yourself checking email at 10 p.m. You just let go of your boundary.

Boundary: Walk away from my desk and computer for 10 minutes at least twice a day for some fresh air.

Reality: You work  continuously until 2 p.m. only to realize you forgot about the walks and lunch. There goes another boundary.

Things slip and stuff will inevitably pop up, but the trick is to realize when you are just letting those boundaries go. I find myself in mommy chats talking about the juggle, the shifts and the stress as much as the next mom.

I can’t help but wonder though…

How much of the stress, guilt and overwhelm comes as a result of us allowing the boundaries to slip?

Or, is it that we attempt to set boundaries for our benefit only to give them away?






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