Office Om

I am an avid reader of Working Mother magazine. I love it! From cooking to the board room, they offer so much valuable information for moms juggling the office, school and more.

It took me a week before I could actually sit down and read the latest edition of their magazine. I get the hard copy in the mail because I like to read while relaxing with a cup of coffee on the weekends.

Out of the entire magazine one little paragraph stuck out to me the most. It was called the Office Om.

And the first line read, “If your job is driving you nuts.”

Ah, yes!

Does their title  get your attention, too?

Meditation classes are a growing trend to combat work stress. The latest thing is not going somewhere to meditate though. It’s now a combo of meditation meets technology.

Sites like offer ways to combine science and technology by way of mediation. They even have apps.

If you are in need of some “office om” or “om” in general, this may be the site and application for you. I’ve been trying the “om” and find the stress reduce in minutes. Ten minutes a day can make a world of difference (or “om”)!

How do you get your office om?

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