There’s Always a Reason Not To…

I’m using the word reason instead of excuse in this one, however they seem one in the same.

I am in the midst of pursuing new things in my life. While I want to share every little tid-bit with you, I will for the time being share with you that it’s a scary, fun, exhilarating leap into something new. I’ll get to share the other stuff later.

Think of something you have been wanting to do. Come on, I know you have something in there. We all do.

And then think about doing it. For a lot of us, me included, that voice pops in to wreak havok on the dream.

A  thousand and one reasons will clutter the vision with why not to go for it.

  • The economy
  • The time
  • The opinions of people close to me
  • The fear
  • The anxiety
  • The work
  • The other things I need to do
  • The money
  • The risk

and so on….

The truth is we are resourceful people. Heck, we are working moms who balance the schedule, the boss, the check book, the dinner plans and the insert 500 more things here.

So why can’t we go for the vision and the dreams?

There will always be a reason why not to do something. The reasons for why we should are endless when we make that tiny yet enormous shift in how we view the possibilities.

There’s always a reason to… try. One step is all is takes.




2 thoughts on “There’s Always a Reason Not To…

    1. Yay! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I’ve been writing about it behind the scenes and will share soon… and can’t wait!


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