Our Parenting Curve Ball – Part I

Sometimes life throws a curve ball and you have to figure out whether to swing or drop the bat to run away. We all  handle things differently, don’t we? Since my sister passed away almost 5 years ago, life curve balls are a bit harder for me to swing at. That was a pretty huge life curve back then so I figured I met my quota. Not so. And I realize that was kind of naive of me.

I find that writing is a great way for me to get my feelings out and instead of a private journal, blogging became such a valuable support network for me. I love it because my blog is a way to help support others.

About a year and a half ago, our girl was very sick and experienced febrile seizures which put us on a crazy life path for a while.

I wrote about it in a two part post When The Seizures Wouldn’t Stop Part I and When the Seizures Wouldn’t Stop Part II.

Eventually we got past the febrile seizures and resumed normalcy. I had several follow-up appointments to monitor a shakiness she has and it has not subsided in the last several months as we hoped.

She is going in for an MRI this week to rule out the bad stuff. She has had so many tests that came back with nothing so this feels like the biggie. We have known about the test for a couple weeks.

I believe it will all be OK, but the waiting is agony. I wish I had a pithy saying to wrap this post up, other than sometimes life just comes at you all at once.

After that, we can figure out what road we are heading down next.

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