Our Parenting Curve Ball – Part II

Our Parenting Curve Ball – Part I was about the waiting game before taking our girl for an MRI. I was actually a wreck. No matter how much you focus or keep positive thoughts, there’s a reality check that goes through your mind when you are faced with a test like an MRI. At least that was how I felt.

The MRI went well. It actually went very fast that morning which confirmed my theory about how often  the anxiousness before something happens is much worse than it actually happening.

Either way, the sedative they gave her before taking the test made for some hysterical laughter between me, my hubs and our girl.

A two year old waking up after having anesthesia, not so fun. It was very hard on her because she was really disoriented. By afternoon, she was back to normal.

We had to wait about 36 hours until we heard the news that nothing was found in the MRI. What a relief!

Before we received that information, I had already taken our little boo to her first occupational therapy session. I learned so much about her body and how all are parts are meant to move together. We are going to be visiting Janet for the next 6 weeks and then evaluate things from there.

As our little guy would say,

“We gotta build those muscles because it’s healthy << insert his arm flex here>>>.”

We actually need to build her trunk and back muscles. I’ll take occupational therapy any day over the bad things we were ruling out.

All of that happened by the end of the week, so we started off the weekend at the park to play on the swings and slide. We moved on to a kid’s birthday party by Sunday.

It was all of the usual kid stuff which I am very thankful for and yes, even  our little guy’s “I popped my balloon” meltdown!


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