When We Were Rock Stars!

BostonTrip_10Today is one of those days that come with some anticipation and anxiousness. I know some others in my life feel that way as well.

It’s the 5th anniversary of my sister passing away from Ovarian Cancer. Ugh, those words, the history, that moment we said good-bye to someone who we should have grown old with.

I started writing this post a few times and the words just wouldn’t come to me. So I thought this year, I’d share a story about the time we were rock stars. Really, rock stars, on stage baby!

My brother-in-law was pretty involved with a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band long before cancer ever entered the picture. The band was very cool, super talented with sweet costumes and pretty nostalgic.

The singer booked them to perform at an art & wine festival in a little beach town in Capitola, California. The band was going to be the closing act. He booked the gig with the stipulation that two females would perform with them as back up singers. He had no singers, no people in mind when he signed the band and figured he’d find someone to help out in time for the concert.

At the last minute, they asked Stacy to help and she asked me. Walla, two female performers for the night.

The problem was that we weren’t singers and the way we danced always looked fab after a couple cocktails, right? ((( this is where I would laugh if I was telling this story!!)))

Stacy and I watched old Syknyrd videos that week and practiced some of the moves. We bought little bells and so we would look like we were playing, too. If I remember right, I think we had fake mics.

We were back-up singers after all!

With pre-show cocktails, a ton of panic, some hippie-fab looking outfits, we rocked it and with lots of people watching!

The outdoor stage was surrounded with people who also crowded the streets. We danced, sang, acted like we were part of the band. Women jumped on the small stage to dance with us. Security blocked people and removed others from the stage. Hilarious!

We finished the last song, ran off the stage and the crowd cheered for the encore. So we all rallied and the band cranked one last song.

After it was over, little kids asked me and my sister for autographs and pictures. A moment in time with my sis I will never forget.


For you Stacy, one of the faves we used to blast in that truck of yours years ago.

In honor and memory of the years we had together.

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