Book Review: Children’s Book Tour with Ripple’s Effect!

Ripples EffectHave you ever noticed what a difference a smile makes? You know when you see someone walking along with no expression and a simple smile may brighten his or her day. It has a ripple effect.

I was asked to join the blog tour for a new children’s book titled Ripple’s Effect and was beyond thrilled to contribute my thoughts along with the group of amazing people promoting this story.


Ripple’s Positive Story

Ripple’s Effect is a children’s story about a dolphin who enters a new tank only to meet a mean gang of bully sharks led by Snark, the meanest one of all. Pretty scary and a real scenario in today’s world.

Ripple is taken back by the tough new surroundings and retreats into fear. She is reminded by her trainer friend how happiness is a better choice than one of fear. Ripple also remembers how much fun it was to play and laugh with others before she went to the new tank.

Ripple faces her fear and the bully Snark with a smile which changes everything for the tank full of scared fish.

This sweet story teaches children how to deal with the Snarks in this world. Kindness and a simple smile can go a long way. In the end, the tank was filled with much more happiness and friendship. Ripple also changed Snark’s life by showing that she cared.

As adults we know how scary, intimidating and mean the world can be. As I read Ripple’s Effect to my children, I could see how much they loved the story and whimsical illustrations. I also know my five year old understood the power of a smile in this story and the impact Ripple made with her kindness as we read the story together. When I asked him how Ripple changed things in the tank, he said, “She did it with a smile.”

Teaching through Ripple’s story will have a lasting impression on my children, much more than merely telling my children how to act. I know we will read it again.

Would you like to know more about the Authors?

Shawn Achor spent over a decade at Harvard University studying the  principles of happiness before penning the national bestseller, The  Happiness Advantage. He is also the founder of Good Think. To teach  his happiness principles to younger readers, he collaborated with his  sister, Amy Blankson, to write Ripple’s Effect.

Amy Blankson is a positive leadership consultant and among her many  achievements, has been named a Point of Light by Presidents Bush  and Clinton. As a mother of three, she hopes Ripple’s Effect will inspire  young people to make a positive difference in their world.

Cecilia Rebora belongs to a creative family of artists and lives in Guadalajara,  Mexico. She has published more than thirty children’s books  worldwide. When not illustrating, she enjoys sipping a hot cappuccino  and taking in the sun on a chilly morning. She also loves spending time  with her two small children.

Little Pickle Press is much more than just another publishing company.

Environmentally friendly? Yes, at the end of the book, you can read how Little Pickle Press is reducing their carbon footprint when it comes to book production and about their designation as a Certified B Corporation. Certified B Corporations are a new type of corporation which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Pretty cool.



** I received a copy of Ripple’s Effect for this review. No compensation was exchanged for this review or will be for any copies purchased as a result of this review. The opinions shared in this post are of the blog owner and include honest thoughts/opinions about the book, authors and publisher.

12 thoughts on “Book Review: Children’s Book Tour with Ripple’s Effect!

  1. What a positive, upbeat review! I love hearing how children react to the book, they always seem to “get it” right away, and see how it applies to them personally. The info on LPP being an environmentally conscious B corp is important too, as we understand more and more the difference that we can make simply by choosing carefully where we spend our money. Thank you, Steph, for sharing this with us!


    1. Thank you Khadijah! I really enjoyed the book and reading it to the kids. The message is so important. The publisher’s message is a perfect match as well. 🙂


    2. It’s the #1 reason I support this company – the environmental commitment to print on recycled papers with soy inks and in N. America. It takes a huge amount of courage to do this because it’s about five times more expensive, and it’s a rare decision in the publishing industry to go the eco-route. Hats off to Little Pickle Press for doing it right.


  2. I love how your son was able to see the simple but meaningful lesson in this book. You can change those around you with a smile. What a powerful lesson for our children to learn. Great book review, btw. 🙂


  3. I love how you highlighted the role of the trainer in your blog. She’s a minor character in the book, but a very important one who shapes Ripple’s world view and guides her decision-making. As parents, educators, and even community members, we can each play the role of trainer to children/other adults in our lives. Even if our actions are small, the ripple effect is huge. Thanks for your blog, Steph!


    1. Glad you liked the review Amy! The trainer stood out to me because you just never know when or how someone will influence you in a positive way. Small actions do make so huge difference…


  4. Thanks for your insights into our great new title. It made me smile to learn that your five year old “got it”. That means, we’re doing our jobs well at Little Pickle Press. We really appreciate your support.


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