Giving Thanks with New and Past Traditions

Every year we see post after post about giving thanks during November.  I love reading what people are grateful for and learning about the traditions they share with family & friends. Years back my family had a large party with a traditional Thanksgiving feast every year. Turkey, fixings, candy, dessert and so much fun.

When I was a kid, my sisters and I received a chocolate turkey wrapped in bright foil from See’s Candies. Funny thing is my mom works there now. So my son and daughter get a turkey every year. An old tradition that has continued.

Since my sister passed away 5 years ago, the old traditions kind of went out the window. Grief replaced fun traditions. I can understand how and why people get very sad around the holidays. I have had my share of that.

This year I realized something about traditions.


We experience changes in life that are inevitable and sometimes unforeseen. The changes that make us uneasy, lonely and even scared.

What makes us sad at times may be the old traditions we miss and resistance the new ones that are right in front of us. My son and daughter didn’t experience traditions I did, but they are experiencing new ones. So am I. I realized this when we decorated for Halloween last month.

I started thinking about all of the new Thanksgiving traditions that I was missing because I was still sad about the past.

Our new traditions include:

  • Dressing up in homemade costumes on Thanksgiving day.
  • Making corn muffins with the kids Thanksgiving morning.
  • Sharing what we are grateful for during Thanksgiving dinner. This year my son said he was thankful “having a house with a roof over his head when it rains.”
  • Pulling out the Christmas boxes on Turkey Day. My son loves emptying the boxes and decorating.

The grand feasts of my Thanksgiving past are no longer here. People have moved away and some, like my sis, are shining on us from above.

Rather than being sad about what is not here today, I am thankful for those who have touched my life. I am grateful for those who bless my life with their presence today and excited for the ones who will greet me in the future.

That’s the cool thing about Thanksgiving. It’s time to reflect and be thankful that there’s still more to come!

Happy Thanksgiving!




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