Want to Achieve Your Goal? Get Serious about the Commitment

Want to Achieve Your Goal? Get Serious about the CommitmentCommitment is a hard thing to come by these days. We are in a world of impatient people with I want it now expectations.

I decided it was time for me to learn how to play the guitar. So I got a wild hair, bought the guitar and posted my declaration to learn how to play on my personal Facebook page. I received a bunch of likes and some motivating comments along with a few jabs. The best comment I received was:

“Just don’t give up or slack. You’ll do great.”

The guitar, picks and lesson book with DVDs arrived 2 weeks ago. I took it out of the box and then by the next day stuck everything in the closet where it has sat since that day.

The issue? Commitment.

That brings me to the title of this post which was inspired by an article I read on LinkedIn this week.

Want To Be Taken Seriously? Become a Better Writer written by author, Dave Kerpen. Dave outlines how your writing is a direct reflection of your thinking, no matter if it is in email, a blog or resume.

Although he doesn’t use the word commitment specifically in his article, he alludes to the fact that in order to get better at something (in his case it’s writing), you must be committed to what you are doing and continue to do it. In short he suggests:

Practice, practice, practice because no matter what you do, practice will ultimately continue your learning, growing and achieving.

Say it out loud because talking about your goals will help you stay engaged.

Make it more concise. Dave notes to shorten up when writing professionally or when blogging (which I clearly missed with this post). It can also mean take it one small step at a time. Make it simple. Don’t clutter.

Work on your headlines which simply means to choose one thing to focus on that is a big piece of the goal.

Read. Educate yourself no matter what we are working. It’s always a good thing. Before you know it, you become smarter, wiser and better at what you are doing.

All of these tips can be applied to anything.

These are the Steps I Can Take to Become a Better ___________________. (you fill in the blank)

How would you finish that sentence? Chime in below!

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