When Blog Moms Meet

When Blog Moms MeetI am always excited about the new people I connect with online. It’s not often I meet them in person though.

I’ve had the opportunity to met people at conferences, women who I admire and business owners. It’s fun to see people face to face after getting to know them online.

When I first launched Be Positive Mom ®, I came across Blessing from Working Mom Journal. We exchanged emails, comments and cheered one another as  our communities and passions grew over the years.

Blessing contacted me just before a business trip out to the Bay Area. Wouldn’t you know, the date, time and location worked for us both!

We met with big hugs and lots of excitement. It was me time and business all in one meeting.

  • Discussed Lean In.
  • Caught up on our new ventures,  work life  and all things mom.
  • Talked about our blogs and how it takes time to keep a site going. The passion for our communities makes it all worth it though.

Blessing is an inspiration and a lot of fun. Loved meeting her in person!

Have you met a blog-friend in person or connected with others at a blog conference?

Share with us below!


4 thoughts on “When Blog Moms Meet

    1. I had so much fun! You are doing some great things Blessing. Can’t wait to see what comes next… 🙂


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